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Resylien has had the great pleasure of working with clients from around the globe 

Here are some of the kind words they had to say


Mahadev. Director of Agroecology Program at Florida International University. Miami, United States

The Organic Farm at Florida International University had been run on grants since its inception. When Joshua took it on he quickly used regenerative practices and a lean business mindset to convert it into a very profitable operation on just one acre. Aside from this, he designed and built a compost system that recycled tons of food waste from the university and used it all on the farm. His ability to tap into opportunities and discover a farm’s true potential is unprecedented. In sum, due to his deep experience,  practical knowledge, and managerial ability, Resylien has potential to be a great asset for your farm. He and Resylien have my highest recommendation. 

Thomas, Owner of Estancia Ranquilco. Patagonia, Argentina

Joshua was the farmer and regenerative expert for our off-grid ranch vegetable production in Patagonia for the growing season. He did an excellent job of managing our food production program and provided a wonderful variety of well-tended vegetables for the farm-to-table meals at our lodge, and for the large staff. There are many challenges to farming in the rugged environment of Patagonia, and Joshua met these challenges with a great depth of knowledge and skill. Under Joshua’s careful and dedicated hands, our production thrived to it’s most successful season in over 20 years. 

Thelma, Organizer for the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association Conference. Ohio, United States

Joshua, founder of Resylien, is not only capable of managing and carrying out success to farms, he is also a great teacher and mentor that is humble and kind-hearted.  I will add that Joshua is also an eloquent speaker, who is well aware of the socio-political challenges farmers face in various regions of the world. Two years ago the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (*OEFFA) consulted me for names of speakers who could help deliver a panel, and Joshua was the first  person that came to mind. Even though it was the peak of lambing season, Joshua agreed to make a quick trip. The comment cards praised Joshua’s tactful delivery of content that is often challenging to address and highlighted how helpful it was to learn about creating an inclusive farm space in today’s changing world.


Joshua worked for us for a year out in Panama. During that time he has planned, organized and led efforts to plant our 10 acre polyculture starch field, built out infrastructure and management plans for our new 200 chicken poultry initiative, restored damaged cattle grazing pastures and designed a management plan to begin our grass fed, 300 head cattle herd, and designed and built innovative bamboo greenhouses for annual vegetable production. Joshua has not only the ability to plan complex systems in a thorough and straightforward manner, but also to then execute the implementation of those systems, from infrastructure to harvest. He didn’t only get things done, he was also highly enjoyable for me to work with. I strongly recommend him for any future endeavors. 

Jimmy, CEO of Kalu Yala. Panama
Marc, Owner of LNB Groves and Spanish Creek. Agroforesty. Belize.

We own a large and diverse organic tropical fruit grove in Florida and an even larger bamboo and fruit operation deep in Belize. Joshua and his expertise brought the competitive edge we had been looking for. First, he designed and built us the largest on-site worm composter in the state which processes all our crop waste and turns it into valuable compost for our operation. I was encouraged with flexibility and intelligence and flew him to Belize to be our interim farm manager out there, implement regenerative systems. He is well-suited for any situation and he did remarkably well in the face of challenges met.

Paul, Owner of Pokeweed Farm. Asheville, North Carolina, United States

Our farm had been at a loss for almost ten years. At that point, we were leaning towards selling the farm and cutting our losses. Joshua came in and right away began using systems-thinking to redesign the farm using regenerative techniques. He not only redesigned it but also built out these systems himself. In less than a season, the farm became a very profitable operation with diverse enterprises including crops and livestock. Joshua put forth his full dedication and holistic approach to see every way our farm could profit with regenerative techniques.


Christopher, Environmental Engineer. Fortaleza, Brazil

I’ve had the pleasure of working side by side with Joshua whom I’ve known for many years and can’t recommend enough his expertise and mastery of regenerative agricultural systems. He has put in the time and intense focus on becoming one of the most knowledgeable leaders in the field. When we worked on the same project in Panama, I quickly realized that instead of reading about agroecology and regenerative agriculture, I learned way much more simply by talking with Joshua and allowing him to explain what I couldn’t see myself. Additionally, he is very pleasant to work with and very discerning and attentive to the most pressing needs.

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