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Resylien is a passionate and highly versatile company that strives to bring accessible and profitable regenerative solutions to farms around the world; no matter your experience level or the size of your project. As our name suggests, our mission is to bring true resilience to your endeavor. Around the globe, we have designed, built, converted, and managed farms to their most regenerative potential. Through our approach, we facilitate healthier crops, animals, and profits. We believe that the secret to your success lies at your feet, both figuratively and literally: healthy soil. 


Serving a diverse variety of projects, Joshua Munoz-Jimenez, was contracted around the world to design, build, and manage regenerative farms. As each season went by, Joshua began to take note of the increasing interest farmers were taking to integrate regenerative resilience into their land. Farmers were growing tired of seeing their land become less productive each year, despite increasing costs. Thus, Joshua founded Resylien with the goal of making accessible and versatile regenerative solutions to serve the growing need for such techniques. Today, Resylien strives to lead the agricultural shift to regenerative practices, serving a global clientele ready to see their soil health drive the success of their farms.

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