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Estancia Ranquilco: Off-Grid Ranch

 Patagonia, Argentina

We designed and managed a regenerative seasonal vegetable growing plan to feed an off-grid tourist ranch for up to 40 persons at any time. Challenges of remoteness, rustic infrastructure, and little rainfall were abundant. With minimal inputs, due to remoteness, we lead production to the most productive season in 20 years.


Pokeweed Farm: Appalachian Regenerative Farm 

North Carolina, United States

We converted an unprofitable hobby farm at risk of closing down into a productive and profitable regenerative operation on just 25 acres. We did this using 89 holistically grazed ewes, followed by pastured chickens running through agrosilvopasture fruit orchards, honey production, greenhouse vegetables, berries, and field crops. As the crown of the now profitable farm, we designed and managed a profitable farm-stay business for the operation which attracted visitors from all around the world.

Launa Farm: Regreening Desertified Landscapes with Hemp

Tabernas Desert, Spain 

We conducted a visit and consultation for an ambitious project that seeks to regreen desertified landscapes of Tabernas Desert with careful cultivation of hemp. The main principle of the design is capturing, through terraforming, any amount of rain that happens during the year. Hemp is interplanted with fruit and olive trees in order to ensure life of mycorrhizal fungal networks that allow receptivity of soil building. This project has, in a desertified area, been able to increase hemp yields ever year through the use of regenerative techniques.


Kalu Yala: Regenerative Farm System for a Sustainable Community

San Martin, Panama

We designed and built an off-grid organic farm as an enterprise to fully feed a community of 200 persons including 10 acres of agroforestry starch production, 5 acres of vegetable production under bamboo greenhouses, a 300 chicken pastured poultry/egg system, and a 200 cow holistic grazing operation. Within this work, we engineered and built a large greenhouse with a pure bamboo frame for annual vegetable production

North Carolina
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