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Joshua Munoz-Jimenez

Farmer, Agroecologist, and Founder of Resylien 

Joshua is a passionate regenerative farmer, agroecologist, and founder of Resylien. Equipped with nine years of serious farming experience he has greatly improved, designed, built, and managed farms and ranches to success. He is as likely to plant a vegetable field as he is to herd sheep and rope cattle. As the soil enthusiast he is, there are few things that excite him as much as seeing healthy soils hosting abundant life. Apart from his deep experience he has a degree in Agricultural Sciences, with a concentration in Agroecology. With a keen ability for languages, Joshua has been around the world on a mission to bring regenerative solutions to farms including, but not limited to: the United States, Spain, Latin America, and the Middle East. Joshua is currently on an active search to acquire land in order to develop a destination for regenerative agriculture working models and education.

Christopher’s original spark of inspiration towards resiliency began alongside the marginal communities of El Salvador while being involved with an engineering project to improve the sanitary conditions and water quality as a response to an E.coli epidemic. Since the experience and upon graduating with a degree in civil engineering, Christopher has worked in the field for five years delivering regenerative solutions to water, wastewater, and stormwater management in addition to infrastructure improvements. In addition to working as an engineer, Christopher has also spent two years immersed with regenerative family farms and ecovillages throughout the Americas and Europe mentored in the principles of agroecology, agroforestry, biodynamics, permaculture and ecovillage design. Currently, he enjoys fishing, bowhunting, reading, podcasting, and creating his regenerative homestead on the Oregon coast.

Christopher Kinney

Environmental Engineer

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Francisco (Paco) Villafane has worked in the marketing and advertising realm of South Florida since 2017. He has worked with organizations such as Redbull, Invicta Watches, Complex Media, Miami-Dade County, and more. Paco specializes in conceptualizing and executing digital marketing campaigns. He also has experience as a graphic designer and video editor. Villafane graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelors in Sociology and Anthropology. Paco has always had a deep interest in Latin American history and writing/recording music on his own time. 

Paco Villafane

Sociologist, Anthropologist,

Marketing & Creative Director

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